#PartnerSpeak: Improving Automation through Effective Test Design

16 June 2021

11:30 AM ‐ 12:30 PM ET

According to the Capgemini World Quality Report, 30% of IT spending is on testing, and this is expected to rise to 40%. Yet 44% of testing teams do not have time for core testing and 89% of testing teams do not have sufficient budget to meet user expectations. there is a desperate need for testing to be more efficient, both in time and cost.

In this webinar, we speak to Michel Guez, CEO of Smartesting, one of the most popular products in the test design automation space about how these tools can be leveraged across Agile/DevOps teams by generating test cases, test data, test scripts that can be run by automation frameworks.

What are we discussing?

  • What is test design automation
  • What are the capabilities of tools in this space
  • How can it be introduced earlier into the development process
  • What are the gains to efficiency and productivity that one can expect

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Michel Guez Michel Guez
Diwakar Menon Diwakar Menon
Head - QA & testing
Trigent Software
Michel Guez
Michel Guez
President - CEO
Michel has been working with Smartesting since 2005. He has spent most of his professional career working with European high tech industrial companies, in particular in the e-transaction business sector. Within these organisations such as Gemalto, n°1 chip card solution provider, he held world wide responsibilities, building solutions together with specialised IT partners for such markets as banking card payments, mobile communications, e-government digital security schemes.
Prior to Smartesting, Michel led the development of a solution specifically designed for the end-to-end testing of critical e-payment software solutions.
Diwakar Menon
Diwakar Menon
Head - QA & Testing,
Trigent Software
Diwakar has more than 30 years of experience spread across entrepreneurship, executive leadership, and management. He has implemented transformational roadmaps for startups, SMBs, and Fortune 100, by building highly effective end-to-end testing teams.